Spa Hot Tub Remobal and Disposal By Diaz In San diego
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [How much would it cost me to move a spa? ]
A: [The cost to move a spa would depend on the size of the spa, the location it’s moving from and if there is access.]

Q: [What do you mean Easy access? ]                                                     A: [It means to have wide gate, flat ground you can also have dirt, gravel, grass no more three normal stairs no steep hill or uphill.                                                

Q: [What do you mean by access? ]
A: [We need as much width in the fence exit as the height / depth of the spa. ]

Q:[How much notice in advance do you need to set up an appointment? ]
A: [The amount of time in advance to schedule an appointment is Same day response for a requested if submitted by noon depending on whether a specific day or time is desired.]

Q: [How much does it cost me, to move a spa that is on my garage or driveway to the patio? ]
A:[The cost depends on the dimensions of the spa, and the access to the patio ]

Q: [If I want to dump my spa, how much will you charge me to have it dispose? ]
A: [The cost to dump a spa depends on the type of spa.  There are two different types of spas underground spas and portable spas, also prepare the spa to be removed by draining the spa, and disconnecting the for a portable spa that can be rolled out)]

Q: [If I need a crane for the spa to go over a fence would it cost me a lot of money to get the spa over the fence? ]
A: [There’s always a choice of taking down the fence instead of using a crane, but if this is not your option, a crane will cost you in North County  80ft crane =$, local, 100ft crane =$,  120ft crane =$, t hat’s how much will cost you to use a crane. The price for moving a spa is separated from that crane’s price.]

Q: [Are we insured in case of any possible damage?]
A: [Yes, the crew / truck carries a certificate verifying insurance.]

Q: [What’s the actual process? ]

A:[When the crew arrives they first examine the area and look for access-then we wrap the spa in a plastic to ensure that no scratches or any other damage occurs. Once that is done we carefully place the spa on a dolly (on its side) and roll it out on to the truck.   We then strap and fully secure the spa on to the truck bed. Once we are at the drop-off   Location we work backward on the process just described.]

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